Wednesday, November 10

bloggers block.

 This is update day, yet i have no subjects in which to expound upon.
buuut, when all else fails, i know ONE person in which to write about.
and we allll know she'll feel this is well deserved.
this is the one and only JASMINE ORTON.
 [no need to scroll up&down lookin for your name this time, slore!]

This girl is my twin in almost every way. We think, act, talk, and just are the same. we even have the same work and school schedules- in the same classes and at the same job, even. We know what the other is thinking, because we know what WE are thinking, and its bound to be the same.
In all honesty, i was surprised that i liked her as much as i did [as we learned on a fateful vay-vay trip]
Here are the examples:
-we are good girls, with a little bit of a rebellious streak, as we learned the first week of school with our peircings.
-we LOVE big words. if its commonly used, its not good enough.
-we thrive off attention. we're attention slores if you will. 
-we're vain. but its okay, cus its just funny. 
-sometimes, you'll catch us start the same song, at the same time, at the SAME part. that's twin magic.
-we get jealous V E R Y easily,  but at diff kinds of things. [she'll prob try to deny this. but roomies can attest]

Like i've said before, i reeeally love my roomies. NOT just jas, but all. She is just quite a character, therefore she's just fodder for such a blog.  

and the best part is that she'll talk about how she's my favorite for the next month because of this blog. remember how we're vain? yeahh. we take these things seriously. 

LOVE my twinny :)

with love.

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