Wednesday, February 29

long hair, don't care

in the last few years, girls have been taken over by 'long lock lust' as i like to call it.
actually i've never called it that. but that's neither here nor there.
 anywho. just about everyone these days wants long, luscious hair.
yet no one thinks of the downsides. 
so, as a long (not so luscious) hair veteran, i thought i'd do y'all a favor and fill you in.

every time you go to the restroom, you have to put your hair up. it becomes a paranoia. 

you'll never realize how annoying it gets to have the small of your back persistently tickled by your own hair. 

do you know why buns are so popular lately? because long hair is a pain in the ass. why do you think i've resorted to the sambun (samurai bun) for the past 10 years?

when you roll over at night, your hair gets pulled so often, your southern half will hate your northern half. also known as a civil war. 

brushing your hair daily? puhhleease. forget about it.

expect nothing less than dreads every morning that you wake up.

compliments. everyone loves them. but how do you answer to "omgeee, your hair is sooo lonnggg!!" 
thanks? maybe they were merely stating a fact. i know? sounds almost conceited.
there's just no winning. 

people will be guaranteed to ask you the number one most annoying question in the world.
"are those extensions?"nooope. but thanks for passing off years of patience for something that takes a fraction of the time. 'cept extensions cost money. so i guess it's a semi fair trade.
 years to grow it = money spent on it.

just get used to your hair getting caught under the armpits of the ones you hug. gross. and painful.

you'll grow a strong neck holding all that weight up there.

in the summer, your head may or may not be 20℉ hotter than the rest of your bod.

you very easily could start hating toddlers with their grabby little hands and tight little grips.

i've never dyed my hair, so i'm not positive, but i'm pretty sure coloring long hair would cost you a pretty penny.

automatic mood change when it gets caught in zippers.

your loved ones might not like you when you whip them in the face 59 times a day with it.

prepare yourself to buy shampoo and conditioner at costco. you'll need the bulk packaging.

ask me how many times you'll sit on your hair in a day.

static? get used to it.

then why do i have it, you ask?

i'd be hideous without it.
that's why.


Friday, February 24

little things.

you know how i love those little things in life. 

- liiiike when you are trying on a skirt, but need 2 sizes smaller than what you initially grabbed. euphoric. that's how that feels.

-or when you call and callll the boyf to meet you for lunch, but his phone is dead and doesn't get your (many) messages and texts. but as leaving the parking garage, you see him.  he had randomly decided to come see you during work. perfect time. perfect place.  you call it coincidence? we call it fate. 

-and when the girl at sephora says you have perfect lips. 

-when youre obsessed with a song that brings back your 'young, wild and free' weekends -as in last weekend-  and the many more to come, like this one: 

('cept i don't do drugs and stuff. even though this song entices me entirely)

-and when all you want to do is eat subway and read magazines. and then your cutest bf calls and first thing he asks is "subway and mags?" cause then you're speechless. he must be the one.

- and when you give all your dollar bills away to homeless people. cause that's just nice. even though i'm just as broke as they are.

-seeing the progression of pictures of ollie. i can't stop laughing. bless her heart for permitting such things.

- or when you get a $40 gift certificate to Ichiban (my one and only sushi stop) at work for doing something you forgot even doing in the first place.

- orrr getting my first scentsy. waiiit, am i 5 years late? yuhh. but there just isn't a better smell than 'linger'.

- and finally, sharing the same favorite snack as your dog. raw almonds. we just sit together and chomp all day. besties. 

happiest of happy weekends, my friends


Thursday, February 16


  unlike the majority of population, i find valentines day to be something special.
i find it adorable that derek likes to point out the cuteness of couples in love.
  because i like cute couples too.
i like when he gives me daffodils instead of roses or gerber daisies or tulips.
  because the others are rather cliche, if you ask me.
i think its presh when he just smiles at me when i'm wearing crazy clothes.
  cause then he kisses the tip of my nose.
i get happy when he's the valentine that keeps on giving.
  because he visits me at work with the prettiest flower on february the 15th.
i like the fact that we have a trillion and two songs for each other.
  because the more the merrier, right?
i adore my parents. dad especially.
  because he got all crafty and made me a valentine card to go along with my present.

and guess what? i don't even care that y'all probably want to gag after reading this.

and also, even though i try to keep 'our' songs more private, this one is just too cute not to share. we are obsessed. we listen to it lots cause it just fits so well. every little part ♥

he looks past my love for all things leopard.  

the teacup flower

his hands DROWN mine.


Sunday, February 5

un dia feliz

today is a happy day.
yes, it included a 7 hour work day.
but i have such a sense of fulfillment lately.
i think it's cause im just a beb and i really have so much ahead of me.
that is really such an exhilarating thought.
i just adore my parents, this isn't news. we're great friends.
i love my girls. spending more time with them lately has made me a happier girl.
and as always, i quite enjoy my cute and quiet little d. well, big d.
but i believe having these 3 worlds collide so seamlessly is what makes me feel so settled.
double dates with the parents, the friends waiting for their turn to talk to der when he calls, meeting and loving my friends' boys, and hearing the parents and friends banter all bring my world full circle.

who knew the end of the world could be so fun?