Friday, February 24

little things.

you know how i love those little things in life. 

- liiiike when you are trying on a skirt, but need 2 sizes smaller than what you initially grabbed. euphoric. that's how that feels.

-or when you call and callll the boyf to meet you for lunch, but his phone is dead and doesn't get your (many) messages and texts. but as leaving the parking garage, you see him.  he had randomly decided to come see you during work. perfect time. perfect place.  you call it coincidence? we call it fate. 

-and when the girl at sephora says you have perfect lips. 

-when youre obsessed with a song that brings back your 'young, wild and free' weekends -as in last weekend-  and the many more to come, like this one: 

('cept i don't do drugs and stuff. even though this song entices me entirely)

-and when all you want to do is eat subway and read magazines. and then your cutest bf calls and first thing he asks is "subway and mags?" cause then you're speechless. he must be the one.

- and when you give all your dollar bills away to homeless people. cause that's just nice. even though i'm just as broke as they are.

-seeing the progression of pictures of ollie. i can't stop laughing. bless her heart for permitting such things.

- or when you get a $40 gift certificate to Ichiban (my one and only sushi stop) at work for doing something you forgot even doing in the first place.

- orrr getting my first scentsy. waiiit, am i 5 years late? yuhh. but there just isn't a better smell than 'linger'.

- and finally, sharing the same favorite snack as your dog. raw almonds. we just sit together and chomp all day. besties. 

happiest of happy weekends, my friends


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