Sunday, February 5

un dia feliz

today is a happy day.
yes, it included a 7 hour work day.
but i have such a sense of fulfillment lately.
i think it's cause im just a beb and i really have so much ahead of me.
that is really such an exhilarating thought.
i just adore my parents, this isn't news. we're great friends.
i love my girls. spending more time with them lately has made me a happier girl.
and as always, i quite enjoy my cute and quiet little d. well, big d.
but i believe having these 3 worlds collide so seamlessly is what makes me feel so settled.
double dates with the parents, the friends waiting for their turn to talk to der when he calls, meeting and loving my friends' boys, and hearing the parents and friends banter all bring my world full circle.

who knew the end of the world could be so fun?


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