Thursday, February 16


  unlike the majority of population, i find valentines day to be something special.
i find it adorable that derek likes to point out the cuteness of couples in love.
  because i like cute couples too.
i like when he gives me daffodils instead of roses or gerber daisies or tulips.
  because the others are rather cliche, if you ask me.
i think its presh when he just smiles at me when i'm wearing crazy clothes.
  cause then he kisses the tip of my nose.
i get happy when he's the valentine that keeps on giving.
  because he visits me at work with the prettiest flower on february the 15th.
i like the fact that we have a trillion and two songs for each other.
  because the more the merrier, right?
i adore my parents. dad especially.
  because he got all crafty and made me a valentine card to go along with my present.

and guess what? i don't even care that y'all probably want to gag after reading this.

and also, even though i try to keep 'our' songs more private, this one is just too cute not to share. we are obsessed. we listen to it lots cause it just fits so well. every little part ♥

he looks past my love for all things leopard.  

the teacup flower

his hands DROWN mine.


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