Thursday, December 30

lessons learned.

first off, i'd like to pay a little tribute to the boy. 
this last week was pretty rocky for us.
so for the sake of all 3 of my readers' lack of interest, i'll sum it up quickly:
a "friend" of ours divulged some information [blackmail, if you will] about myself from almost a year ago. 
i won't say who or what, but it  s h o o k  derek up. and rightfully so.
annnd we broke up. for a minute. 

i realize this is quite vague & broad. surprising, seeing as i'm an open book about my life, 
 but i just don't feel this one necessary to be shared with the world.
it has taught me a few lessons. 

lesson # 1
i am one lucky little girl. not even a week has passed, and sweet D has already forgiven & forgotten about it.  he is beyond his years in maturity when it comes to the forgiving thing. he never tries to get back or get even, he just tries to make things right. he doesn't give the silent treatment, he doesn't tell the world & he hardly gets bitter.  i say these things with surprise because i WOULD do all that & have in the past. i could def take a page out of his book.

lesson # 2:
mistakes are some of the best teachers. if you know me, you know i am of the most stubborn terrors known to man. if i'd like to argue that the sky is brown, i won't stop until someone agrees. ridiculous? you betcha. but from this, i've learned that sometimes being stubborn gets you nowhere. 
and when you openly accept your stupidity, it helps you rectify it & ensures it won't happen again.

lesson # 3:
after this dramatic series of events, i decided to settle down on the facebook world for a while. 1-because i was sad & didn't wanna change the whole relationship status stuff [derek ALWAYS makes fun of me, but really, that stuff is a big deal!] and 2- i just didn't want to have people asking me over & over the details of what happened. And so because of that, i've had a very peaceful week of not stalking. annd i've learned its rather refreshing to step out of the social networking world for a while.
but i asure you. i'll be back. 

lesson # 4:
 i didn't really learn this from the whole experience per se, but after writing lesson so many times, i've learned that its a really weird looking word. 
mmhmm. profound. 

annnywho. i really like Derek Killough. and i'm not even talking romantically, juuus as a best friend & a person in general :)


from juniors in high school to sophomores in college

umm i'd also like to make clear that i'm not trying to preach how perfect i think we are.

cuuus if you were around sometimes,  
you'd see several rolling of the eyes. catch us arguing about anything&everything. witness us swearin up a storm about how annoying the other is & most likely? you'd be surprised we even like each other. 

so charming.


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