Friday, December 17

hurr down 'er back.

 So between looking up facts about Utah &watching endless music videos,
i don't know what to do with myself now that school is over.
annnd cleeearly, inspiration is hard to come by as of late.

but, i like braids. so i shall blog.
riveting, right?

really though, they are adorable, timeless & versatile.
up-dos. little girls. runway. picnic. cashe. 
they fit right in wherever they may be.

wiiish my hair would do this for me.

absolutely love this one.

my braid headband. took like 2 seconds.

SO easy & quick, yet looks amazing.

my little braid fit the occasion for today, so i took a snapshot :)

hope you enjoyed & start braiding as well!

with love.

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