Monday, December 13

a dose of happiness.

my blog is my journal. just a little more exciting & personalized, of course. 
therefore, like my tangible journal, i'm going to start posting the little things in life that make me smile. 
just a list of a few people, objects or subjects that deserve a shout-out of sorts. 
so here goes- my dose of happiness for the week  :)

- - -

old couples. awkward couples. opposite couples -- you name it. i LOVE seeing people in love. i really am obsessed. PDA? go for it. why not shout it to the world?  obviously,
 it can be taken too far, but do whatcha do.
 i honestly can't staaaand when people act like others are lesser because they want to advertise it. i mean for me, it still feels new & exhilarating.  that just might be love :)   anywho. when you see a boy who has that look in his eye, who can't stop kissing her, who has to be touching her, you just have to feel happy for them. if not? you must be the grinch of twitterpation. NOT OKAY.  
k these kids? just doesn't get cuter.

if you listen to crystal castles, you understand. Thanks to derek, who has the best & most eclectic taste in music, i was introduced to this years ago. I think its nostalgic mostly, cus its not that its, like, poppy music or anything, its just wayyy catchy. it took a while to get used to due to its slight morbid feel, but its some high quality music.  my favorites?  courtship dating. crimewave. vanished.  
Definitely worth a try.

i was able to go home for like a day & a half this weekend but it was worth all 9 hours of driving. 
my cute mom whipped up one of her usual creations, so my parents & derek and i sat down to a classy candle/ christmas light- lit dinner. D could not stop mentioning how cozy & homey our house is, what with my mama's knack at decorating, the smell of pumpkin bread & the usual happy, humble feeling of home. i think college was created to make you love your family more. not to learn or anything.

pure seduction. this smell pleases me immensely. its such a light & happy smell that whenever i catch a whiff of myself, i really just smile. twas the chosen perfume for my mehico outing, so that adds to its points quite a bit.

with love.

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Madi Bringhurst said...

okay, just figured out how to comment on these! long story. haha so thought I'd come back to this one, because I really wanted to comment on it forever ago! LOVE it! Love is such a great thing, and I'm glad to know that I have a friend who is as touchy as me and in love with love, in a apartment full of non-touchy/pda girls! :) hehe GREAT BLOG.