Tuesday, December 7

easy as..


         .a. animals. apple Lappytop. anniversaries.              
                                                         .B. books. best friends. Bankie[baby blanket]. brothers.        
 .C. Christmas. chai. celly phone. coconuts. cupcakes.
                 .d. derekClay. dresses. dreams. diamonds.
                .E. energy drinks. earings. Elf.                .f. family. flowers. forever21.
  .g. ginnifer. gossipgirl.           .H. highHeels. headbands. hugs. h&m.
                             .i. ice cream. internet. inside jokes.              
.j. jewelry. juicy couture. journals.            .K. killoughs. kissing. kyky.                  
                        .L. laughter. lipgloss. laundry.  
                                         .m. mint green. madiJane. magazine runs.  midnights w/ liesje.
.N.  nail polish. nesquik. new york.        .o. olliePop.        .P. perfume. Pops. paris.                                                           
                .q. quotes. quality time. quilts.
  .r. ravioli. rain. roadtrips.        .S.siesta. sunshine. sweats. summer. singing.
    .t. twinny.  thunder. trees.        .U. utah. ultra-sounds[future career].  undies.     .v.victoriaSecret spray&lingerie :)         .w. warmth. words. water. watches.
      .X. xoxo       .Y. yard-sales. yoghurt.          &            .z zumba. 

juuust a lil list of things i love.

with love.

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