Tuesday, December 28


 i wish i could blog about how entertaining my life is.
or the enumeration of exciting things i do.. but that is just not the case.
so i'll stick with the mundane parts, i suppose.

within the past 5 days, i've babysat for 8 different families. 
& within the past 35 hours, i've babysat 24
normal. or not.
buuut i'm really not complaining. its definitely not my first choice of entertainment, but i seem to get compensated very well. I kinda like the fact that people try to book me weeks in advance. & not to toot my own horn or anything, but dealing with kids just comes naturally. even 10 hour days like today don't overwhelm me. aside from waking up at 7. that's just not ever okay. 
i think it all started with my lovely mother who thought that "service babysitting" was a grand idea. so at 8, i was watching kids for hours with no pay. from then on, i was a babysitting machine. 
then, i started nannying. 6 days a week. for almost 2 years.
i fell in love with those kids. 
they live right across the street, so even when i wasn't nannying, i was seeing them. i grew quite attached, so i was extremely sad when i left for school because i thought they'd forget me, but sure enough, after a month, when i came back to watch them, they were elated. Anne Brady [20 months] alternated between holding my face, smiling & hugging me. Henry [4 years] just hung all over me. 
it was one of my happiest memories
annd did i mention that they are model children? absolutely stunning. 
i'm not quite sure why i've decided to share this story, but here are pictures of the cutest children you'll ever see.
 except for in
 ten years from now. mine will be pretty damn cute too :)

real eyes right here. no enhancements. 

such a little babe.

p r e c i o u s.

 baby AB & Hayy

3 loves.

couch torture. their fave game

zoooo day

passed out 2 seconds after i got her in the car seat

when its us 4, people think we're a lil family. i sorta love that :/

can you see my obsession?


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