Thursday, October 6

it's here.

i love when seasons change. 
there is always that one specific day that you walk outside and it hits you.

it's here.

 today was that day. and i'm so nostalgic. i can't pinpoint what exactly i feel reminiscent about, 
but i can just smell and feel it. this pleasant, yet mysterious, nostalgia has helped me embrace this atrocious thing called snow that i swear we saw just a few months ago.
what's even more elusive is the feeling that something is going to change in my life. 
something monumental. 
and guess what? i really hate change. but it sorta feels right. 

all i do know is that i'm going to get a real bad case of anxiety if something doesn't become more concise.  cause this ambiguous, carefree thing is just not doin' it for me.


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