Friday, September 30

lo siento.

sometimes i think back to times when i've been mean, whether intentional or not, and feel sad. I'm not a mean person at heart, i'm just really opinionated and brazen. all jokes aside, i think i have napolean complex. like really. cause what i lack in height, i make up for in attitude. my mom sometimes says she's surprised people even like me. she's clearly my number one fan.
i looked back at some of my blog posts and realized something.
 i'm a brat.
especially this post. not that i want to draw attention to how rude i can be.

so i just have this to say:

if you don't write or use correct grammar on the reg. 
i'll still talk to you all day.

if you enjoy running in a sports bra and spanks.
congratulations on your great bod and 60-story high self esteem.

if you hate animals.
just don't hurt them, and we'll be just fine.

if you like 'skyscaper' by demi levato.
i'll only decline your offer of mixed tapes, is all.

if you have fake hair.
it probably looks better than my real hair. so cheers to that.

if you wear kitten heels, flip flops or other not-so-fave shoes of mine.
at least you're lucky enough to own shoes.

if you tell me that your night was an 'epic fail'.
well.. i'll just censor that phrase out of my mind. try as i might, that one still gets me.

and if i've ever offended anyone, cause i'm sure i have, let me apologize via funnies.
 after all, that's my favorite pinning board on pinterest.

i'm dying. i can't even handle how great these are. 

apology accepted? knew it. 
nothin' a good laugh can't fix.

- little

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