Wednesday, September 28

my life in quotes.

"I can decipher your personality through your handwriting, wanna see?.. Looks like you are a happy and optimistic person that can't keep secrets and have a bad case of OCD"
"well that's scarily accurate"

" Haylie, please. You don't even know what compromise means. Tell me the last time you compromised anything" 
'duh. that's easy. I let us go to Chipotle instead of Barbacoa. see? compromise."

"umm.. did you know you have a huge butt? and boobies."
 "uh, did you know that you're 5 and that's inappropriate?... but yes. you've already told me 3 times. thanks."

"Are you guys drunk like me?!"
" this is just us on an average day"

"Next time i go the plastic surgeon, i'm taking you so they can give me your nose"
"next time i need to feel good, i'm coming to you"

"You have a very young face."
"you can probably attribute that to my young age. really young. baby."
"just say you're at least over 18?"
"far too young for you, my friend"

i have some solid conversations throughout the span of a week. 


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