Thursday, September 15

nanny : 101

do: play make believe or 'tickle monster' with them for hours.

dont:  take them to toys r us. they don't understand the concept of 'window shopping' thus resulting in draining your money.
do:  braid little b's hair at every chance. and play dress up with her. its like a living barbie
 (dream come true)

don't:  go to bed late. their sleeping in is 7:05. helllll.
do: have your hot bf come along.. cause he's just a very large child anyway

don't: be too concerned when they start ferociously biting one another. consider it bonding time.
do: take a hundred and 2 videos/pictures of them
don't: forget to hit up the barbie aisle to encourage (or enforce, whichev) their love for the best toy in the world.
do: let baby b sit on the counter as you do your makeup. and explain that not all makeup is "yip goss"

don't: fret when you decide to watch a disney movie..after they're already in bed
do: laugh when henry tells you he's 'pretending' to smoke a cigarette cause "its safer this way"
don't: let henry use a hose on his own. ever. your clothes won't dry for hours.and he'll just laugh.
do: let them dress themselves. even if that means a superman shirts and cowboy boots. 

do: invite them to come cuddle with you after they wake up. it buys you an extra 15 minutes of sleeping
don't: go with your bf and the kids in public. people will stare and ask about being a family while so young. 

do: be on the sidelines so that henry can run straight to you when he gets hurt on the field
 don't: expect them to listen. ever.

do: sneak a picture of D and henry amidst an intense game of 'toy soldiers'

come to love 2 little kids unless they're as cute as these two.


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Chelsee said...

SO CUTE!!!! And it was so good to run into you today! Let's do it again soon!!