Sunday, November 6

wild thing.

it's no surprise, i enjoy the word 'wild'. 
since the beginning, when my mother referred to me as her wild child.
then i got a bracelet to reinforce it.
it helps that Where the Wild Things Are was derek's favorite childhood book/memory.
cause then i read it with new eyes. and loved it too.
and to add to all this, after my girl Kyle introduced me to darling little misty miller, 
i found the song wild thing. 

all in all, i do consider myself a wild child.
but i don't consider that a derogatory term.
because it means i like adventure.
that i don't conform easily.
that i think swearing is funny, dammit.
that i don't take myself too seriously.
that i'd rather have fun.
that i'm just a little wild.
that i get drunk on the weekends.
that i seek attention and approval of boys.
that i'm a bitchy girl. 
that i would do anything to fit in.
or any other things that are often wrongly correlated.

i can't really explain the depth of this word, cause it probably seems silly to most.
but to me, it means being true. being happy with me.
and mostly, not losing the simple happiness of childhood.

"inside each of us there is a hidden child, you just have to learn to be wild"


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kylie said...

thanks for the shout out hally. i looooove that we share our love for misty miller, and you are the most adorable wild child i know.