Thursday, May 19

tippy top

top 10 reasons i liked today (but technically, yesterday)

  • i woke up to my family eating breakfast in the kitchen. haven't seen that in a lonnng time. it was neat.
  • i stuck my middle finger to the sky (not literally) and wore a dress anyway.
  • i  brushed my hair today. yes, that is a special occurrence for me. 
  • i saw Arthur. and though i went begrudgingly, i ended up laughing at every part.
  • i got to snuggle up in lots of blankets while the rain fell.  that's my favorite rainy day activity.
  • i hung out in the orem mall for 2 hours. i know, i know. i'm too wild. 
  • i ate my dodo left overs. i was ever so pleased. i've missed that place.
  • i turned on every flashy ball in the asian gift store before leaving. twas one big box of strobes.
  • i was featured on my new friend, erinn's blog. she is just too great. check her blog on my list of pretties to the right -->
  • and finally, because i spent the whole day with this fellow here:

the shirt. the backpack. the face. 
he is adorable.


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