Friday, May 13

20 life lessons.

this shall be my first post as a 20 year old girl. i cannot believe i'm in my twenties now, i don't even like that. it seems so surreal.  i remember back when i was in my awkward tween years and thought that by the time i was 20, i'd be ready for marriage, mature and wise. i mean, obviously i'm wise as hell, but tween me did not realize that 20 me would still be so young. i would never, could never be married right now. i love my carefree life much too much for such a drastic change. plus, i'm still learning.
and within the next decade. i will be married. i'll be having kids. i'll be doing my own taxes.
i'll be working out mortgages & bills. umm ohhkay NO thank you.
there is no better incentive for me to stay in the confines of my parents house than that, regardless of the reins pulled oh so tightly by bob & suz.
all in all, i have much to learn but here is what i have learned in my 2 decades on earth.

1. be nice to people. cause, simply put, they won't be nice back if not.

2.  always remember that it doesn't matter what people think of you. even if you're chubs with frizzy hair & a gap in your teeth the size of a football goal post. AND you wear overalls. that stuff just shouldn't matter to the ones who care.

3.  find something(s) that makes you happy. and hold on to it.

4. keep your family closest. they will be there longest, after all.

5. find music that relates, that means a lot to you and that will help you release or withhold what is needed. listen to it often. then find more.

6. eff up. make mistakes. be stupid. you'll learn someday. there is no better teacher.

7. stay young as long as possible. 

8. LOVE with all your heart. even if you are at risk of getting hurt. you just never know what's around the corner.

9. even when being wild, stay grounded. keep a pocket full o' goals. 

10. cherish what you have. realize on a daily basis how lucky you are.

11. look at the big picture. this applies to school, boys, friends, decisions. anything, really.

12. DON'T JUDGE. piercings, addictions, habits, tattoos mean nothing. look for more in a person.

13. whistle when you're happiest. also, sing in the shower. loudly. 

14. be honest, be reliable. and be someone that anyone can trust. 

15. don't hurt the people that matter most. don't hurt anyone for that matter, especially if they've given you any part of themselves.

16. always expect the unexpected.

17.  be responsible. try to slowly introduce yourself into adulthood before its thrust upon you.

18. compliment people often. but genuinely. no one likes an empty accolade. 

19. people will always surprise you. and be open to that. whether its good or bad.

20. BE YOU. find who that is, and rep it like your favorite sports team. no matter what. if you can't even cheer for yourself, who will?



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