Tuesday, May 3


b e s t weekend ever.
nothing worked out exactly as planned,
but life is what you make of it. 
so we made it good.
we played hard in vegas, 
shopped until we dropped
(who knew that was a literal term)
purchased almost everything i could ever want.
then came home to a fun night of laughing, 
watched an unreeeal polygamist mystery movie,
and had an all-nighter spent with some quality people.
after going to bed at 6 and waking up a few hours later,
i then studied & took my LAST final.
thus the beginning of my last (and best) week at Dixie State College.

i think its safe to say that i've had one of the best college experiences ever down here.
spending all night laughing.
going to vegas on the regg.
two words: party bus. 
eating out every possible meal.
finding new friends daily.
the hay & jay show. all 20+ episodes.
inside jokes up the WHAZZAM.
hot tubbing every night.
laying out all day.
the occasional class and/or test.
laugh it off. at everything.
huge sleepovers with boys we just met.
documenting life through a million and three pictures.
all nighters.
funny pranks. childish pranks. prank calls. any sort, really.
DTR. jas & hay style.
crazy eye-opening experiences that positively change your outlook on life. 
sitting at a best friend's work even when its not your shift just to play.
sunsets on roofs & mountain ledges.
themed parties.
homemade music videos.
girls nights. 
days at the lake.
horseback riding.
eating pickles, mangos & nutella like there's no tomorrow.
-not together, no worries-
the bond & love that comes from having roommates.
laughing. laughing. laughing.
and mostly, finding exactly who i am.
and being quite proud of it.

and on a muuuch more personal note, here is a section for my wonderful roomies:
as i've often mentioned, i believe there's a reason for everything.
and even though i had nothing in the world to come to st. george for,
i know without a doubt that there was a purpose to it.
i'm so thankful for all my girls--
sierra, jasmine, kylie, tehya, madi & jessica, for loving me like y'all do :)
even though i know it can be a tedious task at times.
thank you for continually praising, following & supporting my silly little blog- 
-the simplest but most meaningful act, if you ask me.
thanks for listening to me vent, cry, sing, whistle, talk for dayyys and annoyingly giggle at everything.
i love you all and i thank you especially for a memorable first official year of college. 
annnd its not ending here. summer & fall will only bring us new adventures!


football sidelines.

movie night at D4.

watching emma jane at Tuacahn

my girl tehya. don't worry, she has her diet coke.

madi's 20th :)

 we are lookers.

 girls night.

 dances in cedar.

 on our way to see matty open his mish call

 jousty's farewell

 twin stance number 10298374                            

we. are. cuuute.

taking it back to first grade.

my most adorable friend :)                                                           

the most common sight to be seen.

very very normal girls.

gorgeous kyle.

cheers to a good year!

- haylie

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Madi Bringhurst said...

this year of college really was amazing!
we all have learned so much about ourselves, have had a ton of fun, and have been through so much together. I love you to death bay. :) I'd like to say, III was the reason you came down here... hehe but whether true or not, I am sooo glad that you are happy you came. It definitely was meant to be! St. George, we'll never forget you!!