Thursday, May 5

inside this little head.

i always find myself thinking about the following subjects, so i figured, i may as well blog it. its a good enough prompt--

    i think it is so sad that some people invest their lives so heavily into one or many others lives that they lose themselves. when people look for similarities, differences & flaws in another person, it ends up having quite an adverse effect, oddly enough. the thing is, i'm really not even being sarcastic. i think its sad. because i'm a firm believer in living your own life. don't let other people consume your thoughts and actions so much that you have to try to prove yourself in various ways. let them do their thing, while you do yours.
    as for me, i know i'm not perfect. i, by no means, am an angel. they call me wild child for a reason. given, i'm a lot more tame than most, but i do what i do, when i want, with who i want to and where i want. selfish? maybe so. but hey, from being that way, i've learned to be my own kind of happy.
    a big part of that is knowing my goals for the future. i want to marry the love of my life, have a family,  have the gospel and be happy. more than anything, i want happiness. i want crow's feet on the corners of my eyes to show off my lifetime of joy. i want smile lines around my mouth from so much laughing. and i want to look back to when i was a twenty year old little thing, and know that i learned from every mistake, every opportunity and every decision that i threw myself at.
    i know that the way to get there is to be content with my own life. seriously, when i say i'm a grateful person, i mean it. every single day, i look at my life and just think "how did i get so lucky?" i have everything. i find joy in anything, and that is why i began this post the way that i did. 
    i know a lot of girls compare, trust me, i know that firsthand. compare yourself to peers, to celebrities, to models or even friends of friends (thanks facebook). compare lips, noses, style, hair & social lives. but honestly, we all just need to appreciate OURSELVES . love your hair, though it may not have the perfect texture. love your bod, even though its not as toned as you'd like. love your annoying laugh, though it may sound something like a hyena's cackle. ( that one's a work in progress for me)
    i feel like i've learned these things firsthand. the more you appreciate yourself and become fully aware of who you are and what you want, the less amount of imperfections you'll find in yourself, and mostly, in others. because once you start down that rickety trail of finding and/or looking for flaws in yourself, the more you'll find in others. which then turns right back around so you're, once again, facing your own defects. its a never ending circle of self loathing and enmity towards others. 
   have i perfected this? not even close. but i try daily. even people that seem to rub me the wrong way, i try to think of their positive attributes and if that doesn't entirely fix the issue, it at least helps it.  and until i have perfected it, i think i'll keep trying. 

 i'll end this with some quality quotes from Dr. Seuss. 
no one ever says it better than him.


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