Wednesday, April 20

the story about a girl & a boy:

about 4 years ago, a naive little junior saw the BEST looking boy walk down the halls of her high school. she turned to her bestie and said "boys like that just intimidate me, cause its the kind i know i could never talk to, let alone date cause evvery girl is after them".
6 months later, she finally met that boy face to face. and hated him. he would hardly speak to her, was very quiet and seemed as arrogant as could be.
2 months later-they kissed. you gotta give her a break. though he wasn't really cocky, but still quiet, he was just SO good looking, it was hard to resist. but she ignored him from there on. deciding she did NOT want to be one of the many girls obsessed with him. even though they'd still kiss from time to time when the opportunity presented itself.
1 week later he was on her mind 24/7. she had never liked a boy this much, even her former boyfriend from just months before, which happened to be this new boy's best friend. 
3 weeks later, he wouldn't have it anymore. he was sick of playing the "avoiding" games in the halls when they had so much fun alone. he made it official. he wasn't full of himself, he was just the most shy boy she'd met and because he was just as handsome, it came across to others that way. she finally learned that.
that night. she danced around her house with the biggest smile she had ever had. he liked her. he wanted only her. 
the next month was of pure bliss. coming home to flowers on her doorstep, the most adoring texts in her inbox and all the girls coming up to her in shock and jealousy that she got that new boy from california. 
4 weeks after, at their two month anniversary, they celebrated being the longest they'd ever dated someone. they were proud. for both of them, they would be sick of their "bf or gf" by that point. but not these two
2 weeks later, she accidentally said "love youu" when he made her laugh. it got quiet and she caught him staring at her. he said" i've been thinking about that a lot lately. i think i love you" 

* * *

36 months. 1095 days3 years later.  the two sat beneath a tree beside the provo river as they ate their picnic lunch and had sparkling cider. he looked up at her as he lay on her lap and said "i can't believe we've come this far. i can't believe we've had each other for 3 years".  and she kissed him on his eyelid with that same biggest smile on her face from so many years ago.

happpy 3 years to a boy that ive been through hell & back with.
through the thickest and the thinnest, more than most relationships have dealt with.
and we're still stayin' strong. 


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Madi Bringhurst said...

Wow. In LOVE with this. You two are quite the pair. both absolutely gorgeous, funny, caring, spontaneous, creative, ....amazing... I love you both. I don't want this story to ever end. Xo