Monday, January 3

30 day chall.

i think i'll dabble in a blogging challenge.
30 days of consecutive posts.
perfect answer to bloggers block,
and a good way to start off the year.
here goes :)

 your name & 5 things no one really knows about you

Haylie suzanne Hennefer

1. all through high school, and even still, i've been told i look like hillary duff. or at least, that i remind people of her. kayyy i love that. she's gorgeous & still wholesome. so yeahh. i'm obsessed with her.

pluuus, she has the cutest style ever.

2. pinky promises mean business. if you promise me with one, you best be following through.
when i lock my "infantile" [as my dad puts it] pinky with yours & maybe even seal it with a kiss,
you can count on it being the truth.

the real deal.

3. i have 2 & a half feet of hair. so its in the way a good majority of the time. 
quick fix? samurai bun.
this not-so-becoming style is my trademark. when i'm not going out, my hair is styled as such. 
i'm even rockin it as we speak. 

exactly the look of my sam-bun

4. i am drawn to mint green. appliances. houses. bikes. shoes. clothes. accessories. nail polish.
you name it.  the second i see that shade of green, i am in love.

dream kitchen. i WILL own this one day.

5. i have a temper like none other. ask derek. today he told me i'm like a sour patch kid. 
half sweet, but consistently sour. so its the equivalent to my personality, apparently.       how great.

the other day, my father asked me, " how does someone so small have an attitude SO big?"
i guess i'm infamous.


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