Tuesday, January 11


so i'm here at work.
sooo bored i'm sharing/listening to all my clients' life stories.
then i found this lovely little picture: 

its just a picture from a night when i was having the time of my life. 
buut as i looked at it, i noticed my cute bracelet.
& then i remembered how it possibly is my worst nightmare..

 i purchased the bracelet like 2ish years ago.
 i was on a plane going back home from cali & this nice guy had one on. 
i told him i liked it, he told me about this great lady, Jac Vanek, started the business that he now helps represents  & that i should buy one, because the business works with non-profit organizations like Peta and Invisible Children. annd i liked them lots, so i did just that :)
i wore it for a while but between seeing lots of punk kids wearing them & the bracelet giving me a huge tan line, i stopped wearing it.
that's where D comes in. he reeeally liked it, therefore ending up taking it over, wearing it every single day for a year. then, a little while ago, as he was putting it on, it just snapped in half
[ i'm surprised it held out for as long as it did, with his Goliath hands]
yeahh that sucks & everything, but its WHERE it snapped that concerns me.

you see that heart there? it ripped right down the middle.
normally i'm nevvvver superstitious, but really? of all the places in that equally thick bracelet, how does it tear in that precise place. c'mon.

  so i guess if clay & i suddenly break up for no reason. there's your answer.

 and that is the story of the cute bracelet that had potential to doom a 3 year relashe.
i sound ridiculous. 

for the story & shopping visit:


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