Wednesday, January 12


here's a little story..
 i'm currently taking Anatomy. if you know annnnything about me, you know i   l o a t h e  science. but my major is Radiology, so i have to take a shiz load of it anyway. today was only day 2 & already i can feel myself getting behind. so i just have to share the cutest & funniest conversation with my precious mom that i just had via texting:

m: hi hay! how was school today?

h: hi mama :) twas hell. i'm switching my major.

m: Haylie, my dear, you've been a princess your whole entire life. this is your time to prove you are a Cinderella. it was her hard work & determination that made her different than the other girls. 
Don't change your mind, change your mind set.
you are a tough girl. you are very determined and always get what you want. keep your sights set on 3 years from now when you are wearing a white coat & a name tag that says Haylie Hennefer/ Killough Radiologist. i love you for getting an education. not everyone was blessed with that.

first off, i find it adorable that my mother knows that to teach me best, she must bring in the Disney. 
also, her little Killough tidbit had me laughing outwardly.
but really, that was the some of the best advice i've ever received. 

starting now, that is my new motto for life :)

don't change your mind. change your mindset.

found this little gem of mother dearest. 
even not ready for a pic, she's a babe :)
and YES. sarah palin is her sister.

fanny pack? check.
classiest pair to be seen.


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Madi Bringhurst said...

this almost has me tearing up. It really is so cute hay! I'm so happy you felt so inspired by your adorable mother. This was moving. And when I first heard it, it inspired ME to change my mindset. LOVE your parents. LOVE you. xoxo