Monday, January 10


what did you do today?

SUNDAY the 9th. 
[its still monday morning, so yesterday will have to do]
 uhh.. get real excited for a day in the life..

it started at 10. i woke up, showered and dressed for churchy. stayed through ALL 3 HOURS [quite a feat for myself], listened to a high counselor speak about how important temple marriage is & loved sierra's humorous relief society lesson.

next i got home, guzzled some nesquik & took a 2+ hour nap. then i woke up thinking everyone was in the living room playing games & i just could NOT miss out on that. turns out they weren't. i was dreaming. so, i made them play games with me anyway.  

then came a lasagna din din & a movie night of Just Married. that movie just stresses me out. i barely saw it for my first time about a year ago only because derek loves it and says its us to a T.  annnd.. after watching it, i didn't really think that was the best news to hear. we are quite dysfunctional, i suppose. but i'm sure he had good intentions. then derek called & we had a little chat.

 after, our cute friends brad, davy & buck came over. kaden was there too, but he's just damn annoying. so he doesn't fit into the 'cute' category. [i'm not really a brat, if you knew him, you'd understand. shoot, even he understands]. we played 5 rounds of Scattergories, where of course i got heated & argued every single one of my words until i got the one measly point. typical. then mister D called again & like before, we had a quick chat. 

a few hours later, i was wired because i'm like a child; long naps = no sleep at bedtime. so we started in on season 2 Gossip Girl, which we watch as an apartment. it proceeded to quickly lower our self esteem what with Serena's legs for dayyyys & Blair's little bod. 

i then forced myself to sleep, which wasn't going so well, when derek clay called again. it was like 1:30, so ignored it a few times, but, as always, he was persistent. so 5 missed calls later, i finally answered & went into the bathroom so i wouldn't wake anyone up. Apparently, he had just watched a disturbing movie about a married couple who hated each other, cheated & had a very unhealthy relationship. well, the cute little guy just let that get the best of him, so we had a 40 minute conversation [as i'm sitting on the bathroom floor] about how a healthy marriage and even just dating relationship should be. and at the end, he formally replied, "i really appreciate you picking up your phone to talk to me tonight." hahahhah can you see why i love the kid?

so then i REALLY went to sleep. in my bed of 238 pillows & down comforters & cashmere blankets. i felt really lucky and blessed. i think that thought was the one that actually put me to sleep. i have such a simple life. i absolutely love it.

and there you are. i've managed to bore you with 5 paragraphs of mindless babble.
i seem to be good at that.

relevancy? zero.
juuus a pretty little peacock to celebrate the end of this post.


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