Saturday, January 8


ohh hey. 
had to take a quick breakster to share with y'all the best news ever.

sadly, madison jane had to explain how applicable this really was.
go hayy for being so quick on her feet!

 copy & paste. exact replica. carbon copy. duplicate. mirror image. clone.
call it what you will,
but this picture says it all:

 i d e n t i c a l   t w i n s!!

i'm not only getting my 1st niece/ nephew, i'm getting my first 2. 
we don't know if they're little girls or boysies,
buut i think i'm rooting for girls.
umm..actually boys, 
kay yeah. i'll love whichever :)

so i've compiled a cluster of lovely twins -

sprouse bros. 
in their prime, if you ask me.

 these little men have some locks on them.

 mk & a, of course. 
had to pay tribute to these beautes.

black boys. you knowww i love.

 derek babies? 
mayyyybe one day i'll know ;)

ALWAYS the cutest babies.

" little haylies!"
-cute madi

-AUNT little

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