Monday, January 24


what do you look for in a guy?

a sweetheart. 
someone who shows how he feels. who doesn't hide it from his friends or anyone.
he has to have the biggest heart for those around him, from family to strangers.
:) nothing makes me happier than oldies in love.

an animal lover.
this is a must. with the love i feel, i must have someone who could find cuteness in a rat.
he has to adore them & treat them exceptionally well.

 to die for.

the smile.
n o t h i n g  cuter than a big ole smile that could just charm your pants off
[not literally, don't fret Suz!]
that is the first thing i notice about a boy. 

a hard worker.
a driven person, is a successful person. i like a guy that can set his mind to something and get it done.

the shoes.
yeah, i'm superficial. whatever. but if i see nikes..ahhh. i am dowwwn. i think they are the sexiest shoes on a guy. 
yesss please to this whole combo.

 good with kids.
this is a MUST. there is nothing more adorable than a boy who draws kids to him :)
just melts my heart.

this, my friends,  is a puppy baby. i WANT one.

big eyes.
since elementary i've always been drawn to big pretty eyes. probably because i'm so completely lacking in that department. eyes just do it for me.

sense of humor.
i like a little flirting banter to keep things fresh. plus i just love being a sass way too much.
so i need someone to put up with that.

a boy who can EAT!
hate. hate. hate. boys who try to eat healthy or eat salads. are you kiddding me?
if i eat more than you-- no. can. do. i like dem big appetites :)

yess i love it. but the bad thing? it has spoiled me.  i'll just wait in the car or at the front of a building until my door has been opened. its bad. but i just love me a gentleman.

kid at heart.
i'm a little girl. i neeeed someone to play with and have silly childish adventures with me. its just a given.


a chef.
i'll admit. i can't cook. if i reeeally try or want to, i can possibly create a lil somethin, but that's not very likely. so if someone can do it for me or even teach me, that is a MAJOR plus.

good with the parents.
this is 100% essential. i love & respect my parents very much, so i need someone who will feel the same way about them. even if the parents happen to be absolutely absurd and look like a tour guide with all the accessories on even the smallest of hikes.

i will forever love this picture. i absolutely love these men.

i do realize a good majority of these pictures have a certain someone in them, but obviously he'd have to have these attributes if i am to stick around for 3 years.


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