Friday, January 7


something that makes you feel better.

being held or holding on to someone. 
yeah, that sounds silly. so what? 
whether it be mom or dad, derek, ollie or the ashe.
there is something beyond comforting in knowing you are loved,
 especially when a hard day has been had.
and that all walls can be let down leaving you vulnerable, yet you know you're safe.
when i love someone, i show them physically. 
so.. poor ollie gets the worrrst of it. 
i like squeeze the life out of that poor dog when she looks cute.
actually. i do that to derek too..
k yeah. so i'm big on hugging. whatev.

that's the main remedy for when i'm sad, buuut here are some close runner-ups:

listening to applicable music.

buying a cute new dress.. maybe even a whole outfit.

peaceful hikes.

sushi tuesday at ichiban.

family game night. 

taking naps.


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