Tuesday, February 15

month of LOVE.

i have had a very lovely & busy week so i haven't been able to blog at alll.
which i've heard quite an earful about from my dutiful readers.
 whom i ADORE for even noticing my absence from the cyber world.

first of all. everyone is getting engaged. this really is a month of love. where spirits and twitterpations are accelerated & people are ready to commit. i love seeing that, but i feel so weird that its all girls i've grown up with. already 11 girls my age are engaged or married. ELEVEN!! on one hand, it makes me want to be a cute little housewife but on the other, i know i don't want to get married until i'm 24, mayyyybe 23. i'm not opposed to early marriages, but once i'm married, it will be in the temple FOREVER. annnd that's a long time.
 so i'm good without having all those responsibilities for a lil while longer. 
but congratulations to all of those who are ready!!

i lovelovelove this picture. this is my temple of choice for marriage.
because its a castle & i believe entering such a covenant is a true sign of the highest royalty.

2nd. i had to say goodbye to mister joust for 2 years as he travels to mexico for a mish. he will be much missed by all the girls in number 9. especially his deep, infectious laugh & straight up weird mannerisms. ohhh & though i've known him..what, 4 months? he decided to give ME his 80 gig ipod. no idea why. but i love him for it :)

love jousty.

numba 9 alwaysss.

thirrrrdly. i love home. i love my parents. my pregnant sister. my cozy house. my know-it-all brother. my stoner bro. my ollie girl. my handsome [non] boyfriend.
 prov-my new 2nd home cause D lives there now. my pretty best friend. 
i love being among all these people & places. it def made my weekend.

fammmm game night. 
the biggest reason i come home so often.

its the littleness. this is the only way i can be eye level.
 i look like a tarrrd. he's cute.


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