Tuesday, February 1


contents of the purse.

you see, i hate purses. i just don't like carrying stuff.
when we go places, i give my wallet, keys, phone & camera to derek
 to hold 1 in each of his 4 pockets. 
he's a doll for allowing that. cause that's reeeally annoying come to think of it.
anywho, if i'm going to work or school, i like that my bag can hold every single thing that i might possibly need for those few hours in life, but its just the holding of bulky items that i dislike. that being said, here is a look into my bag for a day.

first off. my bag CAN hold all this, its just folded in half, so its quite an optical illusion.
lets start at the top.

 laptop & case:
 at work with me everyday. i got that case for 5 dollars. what a steal.

self explanatory. has a ribbon so i don't lose it. it comes in handy d a i l y.

composition notebook: 
my undercover journal. best for class when i'm bored.

dixie planner:
lifesaver. i'm obsessed with planners. to-do lists. any grandmotherly list really.

bodysprays & perfumes: 
of courrrrse. i always gotta smell gooood.

headband & earrings:
in case i need some change during the day.

leopard mirror:
derek's cute mama got this for me last easter. love it.

nail polishes:
mint green & dark gray. current nail & toe polish of the week. prob for the year. i love them.

absolutely necessary. long hair = no volume. not okay.

even more necessary. goes with the whole no volume thing.

just bronzer & eye shadows in case of emergency.

lip glass, gloss & sticks: 
duhhh. have ya met me? all in shades of pink, of course.

nordy's knows how to make em best.

and there ya have it.


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