Thursday, February 24

utter misery.


i have come to know the reason 3/4 of this word spells die.
cauuuse that's what i wanna do right now.
day 3. and i'm famished. 
saddest part? i'm only controlling portions. a bit. and not eating out.
so basically i'm eating kitten meals, as i like to call it.
all i want is a big steak & mashed potatoes. 
the other night [after only 4 hours of conscious dieting] 
i had derek explain in explicit detail our favorite kind of pizza that he had for dinner.
but after eating everything for the last 6 months,
i'm in dire need of this.
its out of controllll. 
i'm just a fat girl who loves her food too much.
buuut i gotta fit into my new yellow kini. gotta.

-NOT so little.

1 comment:

Madi Bringhurst said...

I. love. You. The girl seriously looks just like you! Bay, get a gym pass and I PROMISE the eating will be easier. The two just have to go hand in hand! A lesson I've had to learn! You are beautiful, smart, funny, and have a personality that people are drawn to... so I'd say you are perfect! Xoxo