Saturday, February 19



i could not have 2 better, opposite, protective, fun or perfect brothers.
they are my best friends & i honestly feel bad for anyone who doesn't have older brothers like them.

robert aaron hennefer.
[robbie, roberto, bobby, brother]
this boy is a genius & probably one of the best boys i've ever known.
he's 25, married his best friends cousin & is terrified yet eager about his baby girls coming in june.
the worst thing he did in high school was swear. he worked his way up to the highest position on his mission. he is now an honor student at BYU & getting ready for his new job in new york as a wall street businessman.  he is by farrrr the golden child.
 its actually SUPER annoying. whatever.  
he is also a know it all & every time i come home, we argue about grammar, games, songs, etc. we're reeeally competitive.
when we were kids, he was my protector. i slept with him every night. and even when he came home from the mish we'd have slumber parties if i watched a scary movie. i also gave him all the advice on how to win alyssa over cause before they were ever close to dating [he was in college, she was a sophomore & closer to my age than his] she told me she was going to marry my brother someday. lo and behold, here we are today.
so yeahh. you can consider me their matchmaker.  

they are impossible to get pictures of. that's why its so limited.

matthew russell hennefer.
[henny, shink, matty, brother]
this boy could make friends with anyone. he has a heart of gold through & through.
i used to hate him.
only within the last 2 years have we finally gained a strong bond with each other. he was always been the party boy. 
we'd fight. he'd kick me. often using my chubbiness against me. ruin my barbies [you do NOT mess with those]
and being the baby & only girl, i'd scream, tattle and pout until i got my way.
so he  hated me back. it was a never ending cycle for us. but after high school, we both grew up & now we're BEST friends. every time i'm up in slc, him or his friends blow my phone up to come play. love that. 
my favorite are his texts that say "if you _____ for me, then i'll buy you treats & other things"
 if i do him favors, he buys me just about anything. he is also extremely creative & talented. he makes music sample & beats to sell to various producers, one of which is his best friend. 
he's my favorite little hipster party boy. 
[he'd punch me if he saw that last statement]


i absolutely love my brothers. i think i'm one of the luckiest girls around.

they like me too. obvi. like this picture doesn't show it or anything.



Madi Bringhurst said...

hahahha i loved this one hay bay! the last pic and comment was classic. matt is the best.

Kristyn Elise said...

I love your brothers....that Matty is by far, still the cutest thing in the entire world.