Sunday, February 6


if stranded on an island, what 10 items & what 1 person would you bring?

not to be negative or anything..but i strongly dislike this question. very over done. 
anyway,  i had to eenie-meenie-miney-moe the whole "who" part.
i'm surrounded by hilarious & entertaining people so its reeeally hard to choose.
hence the very child like way to make such an important decison.
buut anyway. clay boy won. suprised?
that's good though cause he'd be like a fire maker & blanket
& food catcher & comic relief all jumbled together.
 4 in 1!!!

10 items would be:

 "stranded on an island for dummies". we'd go far with such a book.
bankie the baby blanket. for a pillow, poncho, blanket, cuddle bud, etc.
tanning oil. so i could be tan.
sun block. so i could stop being tan when it started burning.
a water purifier. cause my mom always scares me about how fast i'd die without it.
lots of journals. so i could entertain us with my clever stories.
maybe some dresses. i'd be naked the whole time. duh. but just in case we had company.
straws. for the coconut milk, easy access.
johnson & johnson's bedtime lotion. cause i love everything about that stuff.
tampons. cause hell no would i use a makeshift item for such a job.

but don't worry. with the help of our dummies book, derek would build this. its a fortress.  

and it'd be really pretty. buuut with all that alone time,
 we'd probably be up to no good. 
so we'd get married so that all was well.
then life would be reeeally fun.

and we'd live a very happy life in our secluded little world. 

and just in case we got bugged with each other
[it is in the high percentile that we would]
we'd make friends with Speckle the seal & all his fish friends.  

and in case we got REALLY annoyed, i'd make derek build me this bridge to Little's island so i could get away from him.

...then i'd come back after 9 minutes cause i'd get bored. you know, how it usually goes.

well i sure just got carried away.
maybe this question isn't so stupid after all.


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Kristyn Elise said... it.
Who would marry you? Just curious ;)