Sunday, March 20


even if you dislike listening to the songs i post, you must listen to this one.
its from the kindness of my heart that i share it with you.
if mad or sad, it changes my mood the second i hear it.
it gives me butterflies. its the happiest song ever.
i grin ear to ear the minute the chorus starts.
its my 2011 spring-summer tuneski.
i am obsessssed.

perfume of choice.

to start off,  my car was broken into fairly recently & the little thief decided to take alll my jewlery and perfume. so some of these i no longer have & am too poor to purchase for a while. but they are still dear to my heart. and nose.

good day sunshine by victoria's secret. 
this is my summer smell. ( i can't use my sprays outside of their chosen season for some reason) i stocked up on this last summer & its pretty much all i smelled like. this makes the wait for summer THAT much harder. its my happy smell :)

i love love by moschino.
the name is cute. something i often say. this smell takes me back to my high school days.
i wore this before i had seasons to my perfume, so there isn't a specific time period i can label it as.
pretty sure its good for any time though.

pure seduction by victoria's secret.
ahh my signature spring smell. the first time i sprayed this this year it was like i was all the way back in mexico again. i love how smells can transport you back to a precise time & place. 

viva la juicy by jc.
even though this is an extremely popular scent, i will forever love it. this is derek's go-to present for me. which suits me just fine. 'cept he had JUST bought me one when it got stolen from my car :( pissed me right off.

the beat by burberry.
besssst smell in the whole entire world. i also don't currently own this but its whatever cause kylie has it so i can just enjoy it through her. whenever she comes out of her room smelling like it, i get a little crush on her. we try to conceal this from derek. 

midnight fantasy by britney spears.
this is my winter smell. its THE best scent the ms. spears has produced. i commend her for such a creation.

this was a pretty tough decision seeing as i have 2 huge AND full buckets of every perfume ever made. really though, i will wear anything. i love yummy smells :)


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