Thursday, March 17

heyy there.

to start off, i have a minute -as in small, not time wise (mine-yoot)- obsession with this song. don't know why, but i love it.

i feel that those little day to day tasks & encounters that you don't think twice about are what make life so happy and fulfilling. i may sound redundant, but i just feel like i have such a good life. i'm so happy & yet its nothing short of hectic. these are the examples i've found in just this week:

-- clay and i are THE MOST on & off couple of the centch. its like clockwork. people can plan their months around the status of our relationship. its funny cause we are around so many diff girls & boys on a daily basis, but whether we're "single" or "taken" for that time, it never changes whether we flirt, kiss, date or want anyone else. we just don't. try as we might, we can't fall out of love.

--i've almost completed my compilation of spring & summer music. so far, it is the best ever. i tend to be extremely stingy with my music, cause i hate for it to be overplayed -especially by tweens who don't quite understand the depth, therefore ruining it entirely for myself- but i feel that if you like me enough to read my blog, you should reap some benefits.

--i haven't worn my retainer in dayyys (which really means a year or so in my language), so now i am and one tooth is throbbing terribly. i also sound like a nerddd with my little lisp. which proceeds to make me giggle every time i talk. (even if just to myself. psycho? perhaps)

--i'm breaking out like craaay. which drives me nuts. 

--for the life of me, i can't seem to get in shape. i'm ashamed. today i thanked derek for loving me AND my extra poundage. i thought it was just funny but he got offended & gave me this huuuge lecture on how it doesn't matter what i look like, beauty isn't defined by weight, etc, etc, etc. 

--baby anne brady is growing like a weed. she is sassy as can be & she is talking up a storm. she calls my dad "bab" for bob. my mom is also her "mommy"(suzanne might be too hard to say). ollie is "awh-lee" and i am "hi-ya" or "hi-lah". plus, doing her hair & getting her dressed are two of my favorite things in the world.

--my brother, matthew, is my best friend. i could spend all day with him. he, derek & i all went to sushi last night. i was blessed with so many wonderful male figures in my life. and on that note, my dad is my very best friend. to hear us banter back & forth is probably the most entertaining thing ever.

--i seem to miss derek more when he's half an hour away rather than 5 hours away. weird. it puts a whole new perspective to "so close, but so far away".

--mother dearest recorded me while attempting to have family home evening cause i'm so stubborn & argued away. not at anything they were teaching, just about the lengthiness of the lecture. she said i'll apologize one day. i laughed & rolled my eyes. if i have daughters anything like myself, i know i'm in for a trip to hell and back.

-- the other night, D & i got into an argument about the end of the world, technology progression & religious views of this day. we were both quite heated. we are too stubborn for our own good.

--modern family & the office brighten my week. 

--my parents are hilarious and so adorable. every time i hear them laughing a room away, i smile to myself because they have such a perfect relationship. and i mean PERFECT. i've seen them fight maybe 5 times in my 19 years. i want to have that when i'm older. derek says i'm lucky to have parents that love and respect each other as much as they do their kids.

--i may or may not have a bias of sorts, but i'm pretty sure ollie is the cutest dog there ever was.


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Madi Bringhurst said...

I just wrote you a glorious comment and due to our retarded internet, it has been LOST :(

I was just saying that I absolutely LOVED this one bay. My favorite things to read always have to do with your family and Derek. I love reading it and being able to imagine the situations perfectly in my head! haha

1. Derek is an absolute gem to get mad at you when you thank him for loving you for who you are, and then to lecture you about how that doesn't matter. [I could just imagine the words he used and the facial expressions]. Keeper. Need more guys to think that way!

2. Your mom filming you while you get feisty due to a lengthy FHE [which I would probably have been in heaven during HAHA] ..totally pictured that in my mind without an ounce of effort. KILLED me. made me so so happy/laughy [yes thats a word].

All I know is this: I am obsessed with your parents. I am obsessed with you. So therefore, I will be visiting your house constantly over the summer. So I can sit, watch, and enjoy the Hennefer life :) just like in the elementary days! LOVE YOU!