Wednesday, March 23


who are you.

i am haylie suzanne hennefer.
i need attention like i'm 2.  i look like i'm 9.  i'm as mature as a 15 year old boy.  i can't wait til i'm 21.  
i always think about who i'll be at 30.  i'm as responsible as a 43 year old.  i speak like i'm 72.
i'm all me, through and through. though that hasn't always been the case. 
i haven't always had a firm hold on who i am and what i want. but this last year has been one of learning & improving myself. not a version of other people. 
i'm a smart girl that has made many stupid decisions in my almost 20 years. 
every single day, i try to learn something new about myself, fully uncover what this little body was sent to earth for. 
i'm loud yet quiet when intimidated. i'm happy but easily irked. 
i love makeup, dresses & high heels but have no qualms with a night in- sweats on, makeup off, hair up. 
i enjoy meeting new people & friends, but i am very selective with my close circle. 
i'm full of attitude, but i'll only dish it out if i know you can take it.
its bad, but when someone is mean to me (dirty looks or harsh words) i instantly dislike. on the same token, being nice will change my mind almost as quickly. let's all just practice the golden rule.
when i love someone, i love them with my whole heart and nothing can come between it. 
i'll never act ditzy & dumb to get a boys attention. why? because i'm a far cry from either of those. 
i cannot stand straight up rude people and if there is an underdog in any situation, i will go to great lengths to make sure that person feels like someone is backing them up. even if it means going against a best friend or family member. 
i believe in experiences. i think they teach better than anything else, even if they aren't always the best decision.
in movies, i always root for the animal to live or be okay over the human. terrible thing, that is.
i've become more genuine than ever before in my life. i won't try to be someone else for you. if we click, we click.
my family is my constant. i would do anything for all of them. i got immensely lucky.
i'm impatient as all get out. i do not like waiting on people in any form.
i'm a laugher. i'll love you the second you bring a smile to my face. BUT i can't courtesy laugh.. so if you're not funny, i'm sorry, but i can't fake it. that doesn't mean i won't like you any less.
i was raised to be responsible. so in most of my duties in life, i'd say i can handle them in a mature manner.
i am very set in my ways and i do not like change one bit. but i'm trying. 
my mood can be changed by music, so i rely on it a lot. 
like any other girl, a simple compliment will brighten my day & win me over.
i look for the best in people, not the worst. i don't try to pick them apart for things to dislike.
everything i do, its for me. that may sound selfish, but there is no other way to be true to yourself.
i respect people, especially my elders.
i'm a very hard working person. since 16, i've had a job and paid for my own clothes, activities & outings. 
i make it a point to be grateful. especially when i'm being negative. i look at what and who i have in my life, and i let people know. this works especially when in spats with a certain boy.
i love smiling. smiling is my favorite. you can call me buddy, the elf.
i'm a nurturer, a mother figure to most of the people in my life. i take on others responsibilities as my own. like waking them up for work, making sure they are on time to things and that they are on top of their duties. 

over all, i feel like the luckiest girl alive. i cannot stress enough how wonderful life is. i have so much room for improvement, in many different aspects, especially church & my obedience level (it has depleted greatly) but i kinda think life is perfect. i have best friends who keep my abs strong with laughter. i have a family who treats me like gold & makes me feel like a blessing to them, even when i know its the other way around. i have a boy who loves me more than i deserve, future with him or not, i'll always love him too. i have everything i could ask for and everything to be grateful for.

it really is a good life.


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Madi Bringhurst said...

love this bay! it really IS a good life :) thanks for increasing my laughter enduced-ab work outs! I have laughed more in this last week than I have in a long time. I love you and our girls to death. GRRRREAT blog. [tony the tiger??] It was very honest. I was nodding my head the whole time, saying, yep thats true! haha xo