Tuesday, March 29


once upon a time, 
20 years ago from this very day,
a baby with unnaturally long limbs was birthed from her mothers womb.
she had the biggest, prettiest eyes that her parents had ever seen.
at age 3, she was already the house sass. 
but everyone loved her, of course
at age 5, she met a curly headed little nub named haylie.
they were fast friends. 
by age 10, she was the size of a 15 year old
and even though her & her nubby friend (who still hadn't grown much bigger )
grew distanced from one another, there was always something there.
then the giantess and her tiny minion lived with each other at Dixie.
that is where they became the bessst of friends.
nubbikins would be lost without her giantess.
those legs for dayyys,
those beautiful, big brown eyes that Little just loooves doing her makeup on,
those sweet letters she writes that makes ones day,
how she always sticks up for her littlest friend,
and make sure people hear her,
cause her voice is often overheard due to her altitude deficiency.
Sierra Kathryn Seninger has a heart of gold.
she is the best relief society president,
the best roommate, sister, friend, daughter
just best PERSON that i know.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my lovely sie!!!!


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Madi Bringhurst said...

this was such a sweet post :) its easy to say such nice things about such an amazing girl though! what a pair you two are! both stun.ning: giantess and nubbikins. i love you both!