Friday, March 4


10 movies you love. 

17  again.
this was the first movie that actually made me like zac efron. 
now i'm a devoted fan of his body. excuse me, his work.  
he's just so cute you want to squeeze him.. among other things.
just kidding. i'm not a creep. promise. 
i love how they're high school sweethearts though.
i like those kinds of stories lots :) 

going the distance.
oh my gosh. i laughed through this whole entire movie. like every part was d & i to a tee. pretty sure long distance makes you go craaay. actually, i'm absolutely positive it does.  they are such a perfect couple in this movie. its true, the only way to stay happy forever is to marry your best friend.

 always a classic. plus its like watching a not-AS-cute version of derek on the screen. and somehow, it always comes on when we're in an tiff, then i hate my life cause how can i be stubborn & stay mad at him when his famous twin is being all lovey & adorable on screen?! can't.

i fell in love with this movie the very first time i ever watched it.
 its THE best fairy tale-ish movie made.
it was actually what made me know derek was a keeper on our first date.
he wouldn't rent it cause he said he'd seen it like 20 times. 
when you find someone who's watched girly show numerous times, you best be holdin' onto them!

this holds top place as my favorite memory. double date with my parents & the mayan [derek was like a child there, he was so excited] we were a tad concerned cause my mom hates modern movies cause they are always inappropriate and my father hates animation, but when we saw this, 
all 4 of us fell in love. i cried. it is definitelyyy one of the best animated movies ever made.

pride & prejudice.
this will forever remind me of my cute parents. they love this show & keira knightley so they made me watch it all the time. i can't say i mind, it is definitely one of the best renditions.

step brothers.
jasmine & haylie in 40 year old men's bodies. this is THE funniest movie and will ferrel is probably the greatest man on earth.
 i would watch this gem of a movie every day if i could.

ps i love you.
i don't even like accents but his is just darling. it took me like 2 years to actually watch this, just because i  didn't know much about it, but after i did, i was hooked.
oh & clay called me one time & told me he'd just watched it. by himself. just for fun. k e e p e r. haha

away we go.
first set of bonus points are given because it has john krasinki, love of my life, in it.
next set, because they are such a cute couple and how they make everything fun no matter what life throws at them. and 3rd, their home at the end is THE cutest place  & also my dream home. 

youth in revolt.
mostly i enjoy this cause it has my love, michael cera.
i would date him in a split second if i could, yet i have no idea why. he's just so awkwardly cute.
not to mention, he has my favorite sort of humor- dry, quiet humor. he wins in my books.



Madi Bringhurst said...

okay LOVED this. especially the top like four. and can i say that derek is a freaking cutie pie!? sometimes i forget how adorable he is and then little comments like this remind me. he is a keeper hay! p.s. -can we please watch stardust??

Madi Bringhurst said...

oh and btw.. DIED when you said, "now you are a devoted fan of his body, excuse me, work." ---LAUGHED OUT LOUUUD. but of course you wouldn't know because you are busily at work with your ear phones ;) --much to apt. 9's benefit though :) looove you.