Friday, March 25

the enddd.

dirty thirty.

  • i'm a little native american. like legitimate ute indian blood running through my veins. given its 1/8 but whatev. my great gramps settled Hennefer, Utah & found himself a pretty little indian bride while he was at it. i love that that is such a big part of my heritage. 
  • my hair is the easiest hair in thee world. i don't curl, straighten, or hardly blow dry it. just hop out of the showe, throw on some product and i'm done. i know. i'm freaking lucky. plus i've never died it and my last hair apt was a year ago? i just need someone to take me under their wing in this department!!
  • i made my mother promise me at a young age to never throw my barbies away. so now, after  a 15 year accumulation, we have one whole room dedicated to every one of my barbies. clothes, houses, cars, accessories. EVERYTHING. sometimes, i still go in that room & just wish for those days to be back.
  • i named my car. its lola. and i talk to her like i talk to ollie. i baby that car too much. probably cause i pay for it myself
  • i blush too easily. so embarrassing.
  • i always think people's relationships will work out, even against all odds. i'm very optimistic with love.
  • i used to hate tanning. i'd been under ten times in my life until i started working at a tanning salon..let's just say my views have now changed.
  • i brush my teeth in the shower. i normally wouldn't share this cause it doesn't seem weird to me..but apparently its bizarre to people. but if you try it, you'll love it. its extreme multi-tasking.
  • my blood boils when i see animals being mistreated. i once saw a magician that was so ridic that i almost took a stand and called animal services. 
  • i have the smallest hands you'll ever see on a person over 8. its unreal
  • coins are my favorite in the world. i have piggy bank that counts it. so far i'm at $50 and its only 1/4 filled.
  • i'm not big on texting. like once people get me into a convo, i'll get bugged if i'm not replied to. but i hardly start conversations. unless with jasmine. our conversations are the best. just check our fb wall to wall if you want evidence.
  • my kids will only be named cute yet very different names. i feel that names are a big part of someone, and sharing a name is just no fun.
  • as i've said in previous blogs, i'm obsessed with birdcages, mirrors, picture frames & candles. my house will be filled.
  • you can expect that anywhere i will be sleeping, Bankie, my baby blanket will accompany me.
  • confession: i've been known to pee my pants if i get to laughing too hard. not a big deal at all.
  • i can talk to my dad about periods & womanly things and it'd never get awkward. we're besties. he's the best man i know.
  • i'm a mirror hopper. when i'm getting ready, i bounce from every mirror in the house. it usually goes: my room, hallway mirror, my bathroom, the girls' bathroom, kylie's room, the kitchen mirror, seirra & jas's mirror, then back to mine.
  • my parents usually only swear when they are around me. even though pops is the stake pres. yeahh..i'm a pretty good influence.
  • i love my body and all, but i'd really like it if i was just tiny with no boobs or butt. i think that'd be cuter for my little size.
  • i'm quick to anger but the first to forgive. i do not hold grudges.
  • even though i love a good swear, i will NEVER say the "G" word. i think its of utmost disrespect.
  • i can't sleep unless i'm wearing next to nothing. def not pants. my husband will be lucky
  • people often mistake me for 5 foot 5..but only cause i wear 5+ inch heels a good majority of the time
  • i'm as stubborn as a mule. derek's newest pet name for me is his "little punk ass" ahh. such a charmer.
  • i looove freckles. i wish i had more. they are thee cutest.
  • i often get my way giving people the "ollie eyes". actually, mostly just derek. but i can get anything using them on him :)
  • i HATE that every time i smile, my stupid tongue finds its way to the corner of my mouth. ughh. so annoying.
  • my parents taught me long ago that eyebrows make or break a girl. so i never went through one of those junior-high-TERRIBLE-eyebrows stages. i consider myself blessed.
  • i sing in the shower like no ones bidness. sierra calls me an ipod shuffle cause i go through tidbits of about 50 songs in the duration of one shower. 
  • i say y'all. if you make fun of me for it, i might need my space from you for a bit. both my parents went on missions in the deep south and the family i've nannied for for the last few years are straight from Georgia. so yeah. its become habitual.
  • because i'm so short, it makes me really uncomfortable when people are around my same height. BUT, i have this delusional problem where i think i'm eye level with people, and i get all proud of myself, just to be shot down cause i'm still like 3 inches shorter. even with the heels. breaks my stupid heart. (that last sentence was for you, sierra, my sass sister and giantess!! hahaha)

prettty sure that's not exactly 30. whatev.

if you've read these last 30 days of Hay, really, i love you.
you're great in my books.



Sierra Seninger said...

Haylie just wouldn't be Haylie if it weren't for the barbies, the sneaky tongue smiling, the mirror hopping and claims of being eye-level with me. I too say ya'll now and have never heard a more entertaining show than miss ipod shuffle in the shower. You forgot to mention that you can make anyone laugh at the drop of a hat and somehow EVERYTHING you do is adorable and condoned because of your littleness. I love my nubbin, good post baby girl.

Madi Bringhurst said...

well shoot. How do I top that comment?! All I know is: hally, if you touch your hair imma kill you! We need to have a playdate in that barbie room -just for old times sake. I'm obsessed with your father for the billionth time. Shut up about the bod. It is b-e-a-utiful -way better than Kenza [don't even try to argue with me on this one. you know I won't give in]. I'm jealous of your tongue smile --but what am I not jealous of about you? And lastly, I can relate perfectly to you on the whole eye-level business. I never thought it was that funny when I was strolling around town with Becky in high school. She'd always tell me we looked so funny together, and I was like what!? I'm like six inches shorter at most! HAHAHA exaggeration. But seriously. I feel you! hahah oh ms. hay. I love you. I love your blog. Write a book. xoxo