Tuesday, March 8


i love my twin. so very much. 
last night we were both upset about various issues.
so we talked & talked. 
we made pro/con lists to every little thing.
[cause making lists is my favorite]
i even used the my first ticonderoga pencil my mom got me for college.
that made us laugh.
then we laughed more cause its hard for us to be serious together.
& after, we were happy.
then we got hyper. 
so we stayed up until 2 being our silly little selves. 
taking endless pictures. 
they're a treat to look at.
so feasts your eyes.

 things like pigtails, matching sweats, jugs o' gatorade & glasses
are among those little things that bring the most joy


1 comment:

Madi Bringhurst said...

oh you girls :) tooo cute! love you!