Saturday, March 5


turn ons & offs.

a coy smile.
genuine. that reels me right in.
well dressed. clean, stylish, put together. 
challenges me. cause getting my way all the time gets boring.
his voice & sound of his laugh. 
well controlled confidence. 
shy guy. love a little mystery
nike & adidas high tops. yes pleease.
sexy back. broad shoulders. 
strong legs. none of that wimpy stuff for me.
funny. whether it be subtle or pronounced.
tall. gotta feel protected.
a good natural smell. 
high quality music taste. turns me riiiight on

muscles for dayyys. really guys? please no.
gaudy jeans/shirts. do us all a favor & stop this habit.
spiked hurr. oh heyy pauly d.
cocky. need i say more?
around my height -that means like 5'6, so not really close- makes me uncomfortable.
the use of lol or jk.
treating a truck like a girlfriend. 
using :-)  =] or :P. d always does the first one. i want to kill him when he does.
poor hygiene. luckily, i've never had a boy with that issue.
perseverance that won't quit. no means no.
singing to me. puhleeease refrain. unless i'm dating you & will let your cuteness overrule the weirdness.
a little appetite. its fine, i'll eat your portions too.


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