Sunday, June 26

quality food. good times. great people.

i loved this week. 
let me tell you why:

 in lieu of Go Skateboarding Day 2011, i spent a good part of my day at the skate park with mister. in a dress and wedges, no less. i stuck out out like a sore thumb. course i didn't mind that. but it just reminded me of wayyy back in the day. when i was so excited to be with derek that i would, collectively, spend hours there. and now, though i don't mind being supportive, i'm quite glad he's not such an avid skater as he was then. oh and also. it endorsed my theory that skater boys are the hottest boys.

i attended the arts festival with my brother and his friends. it was incredible. i also learned that sometimes, i'm the most antisocial person there is. unless i literally run into someone, i can't muster up enough motivation to talk to people i know. isn't that sad? i need to work on that. given, this is only for those people that you know, but don't really know. anyway. i love salt lake. ohhh so much.

our pretty little valley.

got into a huge argument with derek. lasted like..15 minutes. then i gave him the silent treatment -real mature, right?- then sat him down and told him this, verbatim, " i love you. but you bug me. and i've never met a person who makes my blood boil so quickly. and that i want to hit so badly." in which he evenly replied, "me neither". and then we moved on from arguing. that night, he nannied with me. the little girl was awake a total of 2o minutes while i was there, and i got paid $90. the remaining time was filled with eating, a whole shelf of every magazine possible, and tv. best job ever? i'd say so.

 we had a little picnic in their basement. sitting indian styled and all.

this day:
went to the Bay Leaf cafe for brunch. i got stuffed french toast with berries. HEAVEN. now i'm relaxing in bed. i'll probably take a nap. then later tonight i'll watch the Kardashians, drop dead diva and jerseylicious. ohhh, how i love sundays. 

if you have yet to dine here, i highly recommend it. 
they even serve beverages in mason jars. 
which, in my opinion, is the best thing to drink from.

-haylie h

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