Saturday, June 4

loves, as of late.

frizzzzz. i love it. that may have to do with the fact that i don't brush my hair, so i'm subconsciously trying to persuade others into thinking it is by design, not disaster. we'll never really know. i also reeally like curly bobs. if i had real curly hair, i'd rock that for suuure. there is nothing cuter, in my opinion. but alas, i have long, straight (ish), awkward hair that won't do much more than a sam-bun or sitting flat on my head.

coral. i think i have color A.D.D. because way back in high school, my favorite color was mint green. then coral my sophomore and junior year, mint the last few and now coral again. which to most, should come as a huge shocker, cause mint was like an all encompassing obsession of mine. i love that coral is such a popular color now too, because it really is the prettiest for nails, lips, dresses and shoes. so there is never a shortage of it. and if i've even gone so far as to change my blog color theme- you know its a big deal. oh, and second runner up for new favorite color? mustard.

angus & julia stone. ohh, my word. i'm in the deepest form of love with these guys. their voices are just pure. plus, they have a harmonica. how very splendid is that? the song below is probably one of their most popular, one of my faves as well. except i really have to warn you, this music makes you love more. so if you are in love, perfect. however, if you aren't in love.. it may or may not forcefully remind you that you are single. i d'know. all i do know is that i'm being annoyingly reminded that i haven't seen mister in almost 2 days. and he's even bugging me right now. and that, my friends, is called powerful music. not much finds its way through the cracks of my obstinate armor. 


lyrics. i love any and all songs that refer to a girl in such phrases like 'you drive me crazy' or 'you're a pain in the ass' or anything along those lines. oddly enough, those lyrics are found in many a song. i just find it adorable. i think we all know why. cause, really, i'm just hard to handle. but i find that to be quite a charming quirk about myself. and the person who can deal with that for the rest of their lives is a real gem. also, i think some of the cutest couples you will ever find are those overbearing and opinionated (but sweet) old women with their precious, quiet and humble little husbands who adore everything about their wives ( bob & suz, maybe?). i want that when i get to the velcrow-shoes-stage in life.


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