Friday, June 10

let's play catch (up)

the day you decide to start blogging again after missing at least 4 consecutive days, is the worst. you never know where to begin, whether or not to say everything or highlight a few things. and for someone as verbose as myself, its especially hectic cause i can talk talk talk (write write write) all day long without a break. BUT. i have to clean my room. so here i am. trying to put off the inevitable. again.

lately, i spend a good majority of my time working. my days are filled with chasing two crazy kids, laughing at their comments like, "haylie, you talk too much and sometime i don't really like that", and busily visiting the tracy aviary, jump around utah, water fountains and countless parks. i enjoy every bit of happiness and all natural birth control they bring to me.

other great quotes: "tell mommy i can ride my bike cause i fixed the doorbell" (the doorbell was in 3 pieces when i looked)  "there was one black mouse and one white mouse. i fink the black one was chocolate" (after seeing two birds eat their lunch)

my day off this week brought me to mapleton, utah (yet another town i've never visited in all 20 years of living here) for a camping trip. it was a ton of fun even though twas just me and 4 rowdy boys. i wish i could say that i'm considered 'one of the boys' but i'm definitely not. instead, i spend most of the time worrying and admonishing them for being too loud and insisting they respect wildlife, setting up their beds and getting food ready. so really i'm just the mom of the group. it's whatever.

after camping, we lazed out with ben & jerry's and watched Blue Valentine. first of all, that movie was very risque. we got quite and eye full on that one. but it was one of the cutest/ saddest/ most real movies i've seen. even though i haaate crying in front of anyone, i had silent tears for the whole last 20 minutes of the show. in my defense though, its my 'free pass of illogical emotions' for the month. AND, the movie only made me that much more scared of divorce.

my brother and sis in-law are now my official neighbors. remember how my dad bought like every house around us? well this is one of them. and robbie and alyssa were smart enough to find a house where there are full-time, obsessed, new grandparents right next door for when they need a break when those little girls are here. also, its fun to play a sister/neighbor role. needless to say, i bug them a lot.


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Kirstie said...

You are so cute. I am glad you blogged. It is fun to see what you are doing.