Thursday, June 30

like a puzzle.

seriously, i just wrote a novel of all the things that have happened in the past 2 days. but i then decided i should make this reader friendly. so i deleted it all. i'm so nice to you readers. 
all 3 of you.

- i decided to apply to a bank for the great money and benefits. quickly created a resume and filled out the application. hours later, i got a call for an interview.

- i had a photo shoot for a friend. i was a little concerned cause though i love a good picture, i can be as awkward as a newborn horse - random - but it was the funnest 5 hours of the week.

- derek may or may not have made one of the biggest decisions of his life last night. who knows what the end result will be, but i'm so proud and happy for him :)

-derek also rescued a baby bird. its hideous but somehow precious all at once. his name is stanley. and stan knows derek's voice and freaks out for food when he hears it. derek is such a BFG. (big friendly giant, for those of you who aren't fortunate enough to know that reference )

- had my interview today. i was great. as expected. but even if i end up not getting it, 2 hours afterwards, i found out i have a choice to become a paralegal, office administrator's assistant or receptionist to a new law firm. my choice. i'm guaranteed the job.

um.. could i get any more lucky? cause i doubt it.

look close, cause this is Stanley Wiz Killough.
wiz, cause he's 'black and yellow'
derek is so clever.

 this is a bathroom pic. get over it.

this is one of the pictures from the shoot.
i was a hippie. 
cause i'm sure you couldn't tell.

needless to say, that last few months of tedious, hectic, stressful life decisions are all coming together seamlessly. i must be doing something right in life.

- bay

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