Thursday, June 16

call me crazy.

am i so mean that i cannot stand the whole puckered or kissy lip epidemic? while meandering through weheartit, i just started laughing at how many girls rely on it to 'look good'- or so they think. i mean, its not like i haven't been a victim of this trend crime, but i am in so much of awe that people actually continue to make this face. that being said, there are few exceptions, emphasis on the few. 

 1. my brother has huge lips ( hate him for that) but i find that most of his facial expressions look like he's trying the puckered look.  i assure you he isn't. and on that same token, when i give attitude, i have a certain elvis-esque lip raise that alludes to the fact that i am puckering. and again, i assure you, i'm not.

2. when this look is applied to a silly moment or picture, it can be cute. maybe even pretty when paired with deep red lips. there is discernment only to the trained eye.

bottom line. in my somewhat pontifical opinions, there is a fine line between a trying-to-look-good puckered lip or a i'm-being-silly-what -of-it puckered lip.  it can take a pretty girl and turn her in a joke in a matter of seconds. like this girl below.

 the 'i pucker cause i'm hot' look.

the 'i pucker cause i'm bad ass' look.

the 'i pucker cause i'm posing with a puppy and that's only normal, right?' look.

the 'i pucker cause i can' look.

though this is that little attitude look i was talking about, there is DEFINITELY some pucker in that face. who was i trying to fool? 
anywho, this one is called the 'i pucker AND look away cause i'm so myspace chic. DUH. ' look.

 now. i will end with this one. rosie is silly, therefore i find it okay. but candice, she's looks a smidgen too serious about her pucker. in all honesty though, these girls could make whatever faces they wanted to. cause they'd still be prettier than the rest of us. 

- haylie h.

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