Sunday, January 8

RULE: you have to listen to the song as you read

have you ever heard a song and instantly it takes you to a moment. not one in the past, not nostalgic feelings, but something you want to do or imagine doing to that song? i hope that's not weird. because i place a feeling to every song i listen to. it's not just mere entertainment for me. 

well the song below does that for me. two different things pop up. and it's kinda funny cause they are quite opposite:

 i imagine a freaking great make out sesh, like one that would be in a movie and would deserve this as the background music. even though the term 'background music' is just offensive to such a song.
 but not just that: in an old motel, on the outskirts of a small town, where you will fall in love all over and over again. - i promise this didn't seem as dirty in my head. but who are we kidding. it's me we're talking about. i can't help it. 

 the alternative to that would be a breakup song, either angry or sad really. but more  the fighting/crying/getting over the bastard kind, in my mind. hahah. i'm such a terrible soul at times. but yes. a subtly empowering song.

you want to know the benefit of a song that can carry two polar emotions like this one?
 every time you listen it will fit to how you're feeling. not that i want to be blasphemous, but it's like when you re-read your patriarchal blessing again. and i truly mean that with the most respect and high regard as is possible in a post where i've already sworn multiple times. 

the runners-up for why i'm so deeply possessed by this song are:
            - the title of this album is "only good bands have animal names" clever little guys they are.
            - while dealing with bad reception on our skype sesh last night while we were showing each other our new songs, i had to act out 'tiger waves' to derek. so i rawred like a tiger, then made my arms do a wave. i'm still funny. nothing's changed. 
          - they say  "i know this is not your cup of tea" you see, cup of tea is one of my more favored old-person sayings.


ps. could it be a bad reflection on myself and my relationship that this song brings out the two most common forms of communication between derek and i?

pps. you know that motel/outskirts/making out/fall in love idea? well. that's actually something i've been daydreaming about before this song graced my eardrums.  which, to me,  is really just fate telling me i NEED to follow this ludicrous idea of mine.

goodnight, y'all

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