Thursday, January 5

can i just say?

sometimes i want to blog, but i have nothing to say of any worth or depth. these are the times where i just start writing.
 oh wait. 99% of my blog? yes. i'm sorry.

gum. the other day, i hadn't spent money in a really long time and needed to buy something and fast. so i bought 4 packs of fruity gum. i usually hate fruity gum. (my first kiss ruined me) but i did. and now i eat it a lot. and i've found that it's the best for so many things. first off, the element of entertainment. ill be at the gym and hating the fact that i'm running. but then i'm like "whoa. this tastes good in my mouth. it's like i'm having a jamba. i love eating. it always means i'm having fun.  i guess that means i'm having fun. maybe running isn't so bad. wait. i can blow bubbles. yep. running isn't so bad." and then i'm like fine to run for 20 minutes straight. its the darndest thing. and that also allows me to eat it instead of other things, not to get all anorexic. but it its a diet savvy idea.

zumba. speaking of gym, i went to zumba today. first of all. what the hell. how do men and older women catch on faster than i do? seriously. what the hell.  second, i've been an avid gym goer lately ( don't worry, it's not a new years resolution. they have a bad track record. so to cease that trend, i started 6 days before. BAM. beat that logic. )  anyway, avid gym goer. k so i have gone every day lately, therefore  i consider myself conditioned. but zumba thinks otherwise. kicked my ass. like i'm really sore right now. i feel like i need a walker with tennis balls on the bottom. why do they do that? if the oldies can't scoot efficiently without them, couldn't the manufacturers upgrade it? poor old people. they always get the bad end of the stick.

skin. i miss saint george. for 239573 reasons. but today another one came to mind. my skin was so pretty down there. nice and fresh and clear and moist. i looked int he mirror today and was not pleased.  my skin is all tight from washing it too much or winter or something gay like that. and so when i smile, it looks like wrinkles. EFFING WRINKLES. not okay at all. i want you back, stg.

boyfriend. he comes home finallyyyyy after his long ass trip to see his family in california. like yeah, cool, you got to be with family for the holidays.
 but we both know that utah is better, because i live in utah, and i am the best, so yeah. easy math. come back.

oh also. my dad got released as stake pres so i can swear publicly all the hell i want now, dammit! ha. just kidding. i swore anyway. 
sometimes my parents hate me. i somewhat understand. 

was this too much reading? my b. i feel better though. here's a song. 
you'll like it. except for the name maybe. rather crude, even for my little sailor's mouth. 


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