Thursday, November 15

old soul.

i have not a spontaneous bone in my body.
I like to stay home and finish homework on weekends. 
it shocks my friends when i say yes to going out. 
i love a good candle.
i told my mom that all i wanted from the grocery store is carpet freshener. 
and that i can't think of anything i want for christmas cause i have most everything 
i go on dates with my parents..without a date of my own. 
i fall asleep with derek every night over skype. 
we also use skype to do everything normal couples do in real life-
movie nights, in-home spa dates, cook dinner 'together', read-a-thons.
I can't stop playing Hay Day on my phone. 
i got excited about a pair of winter boots.
i nanny too many hours a week because parents think i'm a miracle worker with children
- really i just bribe them with every possible thing needed for survival. 
my teachers and i email back and forth constantly on a chummy basis.
the last purchase i made was a 2013 planner that i've shown off to anyone who'll listen.
i save all my money. i take long naps. sweats are my favorite. 
and if you can't tell, all this means i'm in a quarter-life crisis.


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