Friday, June 8

look who's back. back again.

can i start off by saying that i can now really sympathize with the elderly due to this new blogger layout? i'm dying. don't even know what's going on. 

second off.  HI. hi, its me haylie and i promise i won't abandon ship for a whole 2 months ever again.

3rd. what better way to start off a new blog post than a good ole myspace survey??!

1.  something you're known for: being little but even more obnoxious.
2. a bad habit: i argue..and i refuse to be wrong.
3. something that always cheers you up:  i seriously pour over this when i'm mad or sad. its like an innocent form of ecstasy.
4. song that never fails to make you happy: Cinema- Benni Benassi ft. Gary Go. i listen to it before i go out on weekends cause then i feel all confident and cool and maybe even a little sexy..not sorry.
5. an insecurity: physically, i could find a diff one on any given day. but im a cocky little shit otherwise.
6. something you believe in lately: love, growth, hope. not to get all zen on you..but like really.
7. a trait you find most admirable: true forgiveness. i think it's the most rare trait to find.
8. greatest fear: i still stand by my fear of divorce and sharks. but also ghosts. (mentally, i'm 4)
9. favorite kind of surprise: when people surprise you by being so good. i love those tricksters with the rough exteriors.
10. best thing about yourself: find a parent and see if they don't like me. its impossible. im a charmer.
11. epiphany as of late: i am such a simple person. not stylish, not fancy, not crazy. just haylie.
12. an ambition: law school. cannot even wait.
13.  favorite word: punk, poppy, and damn.
14. best possession: my baby blanket. and some cute kid's heart.
15. your life in 6 words: wild. simple. sporadic. comical. happy. full.

missed y'all.

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